Should Twins Share A Bed?

Q: My wife 9 weeks is pregnant with twins. We were discussing co-sleeping them. She says "NO!!!!!!" after reading the "official" answer. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages having babies sleep with siblings because of the possible risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), but its policy doesn't directly address twins. I think it is still a good idea. i have looked all over the net and everyone keeps agreeing with me. But she still maintains she is right. Help!

A: While it is true that twin are used to sharing a very snug sleep space in the womb, it's actually a safer idea to have them sleep apart once they are born. They can certainly be in the same room, sleeping near each other (and staying up late talking when they are older), but babies sleep safer--and better--when they are not flailing arms or rolling into each other. While the AAP does not specifically address twins in their safe sleep policy statement, the AAP recommendation is that an infant should have his own sleep space so there is not a risk of suffocation, smothering, or entrapment. And from a practical standpoint, one baby is less likely to wake up the other one if they are not right next to each other. And every moment of precious sleep will count when you are dealing with two infants in your house.