7 Things That Happen When You STOP Breastfeeding

1. The forecast is moody

Some women notice little or no mood changes when they wean, however for others the drop in prolactin and oxytocin levels (the feel-good hormones), can make them a bit teary and emotional. Throw in the mix the sadness that you’re no longer close bonding with your bub, plus the arrival of your period (make sure you’re using contraception!), and you might be strapping yourself in for a hormone rollercoaster ride (weaning gradually can help though, phew).

2. The milk tap is still running

Just because you want to stop breastfeeding doesn’t mean your boobs got the memo. They could continue producing milk for a while after you’re no longer nursing and if you’re not careful you could get engorged breasts, mastitis or other problems. So like with point 1, best to wean gradually and express a tiny bit until your supply is gone.

3. Goodbye big boobs

For big chested ladies it can be a relief when you stop breastfeeding and your boobs shrink to their normal size. But to all those with teeny tinies out there, bad news sorry – the fun bag party is definitely over. In fact, a lot of women's boobs end up even smaller than to begin with. Darn.

4. Hello clingy baby

Some babies are ready to wean when you are and others aren’t, so you might have an extra needy bub on your hands for a little while. Introducing a bottle before you stop breastfeeding is a great way to ensure they’re not 100% dependent on you, but even still, you might find they need extra cuddles for a while. You might find you need them too!

5. No more burning extra calories

Producing milk burns around 300-500 calories a day – awesome for shedding that post-baby weight right? But nursing mothers also need an extra 20g of protein daily, meaning you may have been eating more than usual whilst breastfeeding. So if you wean and want to stay lean, then get moving or put down that extra Tim Tam!

6. Booze is back on the menu!

It’s likely you’ve cut back on alcohol when breastfeeding because just as with pregnancy, what you consume also makes its way to the baby. Time to break out the vinos, you deserve it! Just don’t go too nuts though – see point 5! (plus hangovers are a killer when you have children)

7. So is fashion baby!

No more weird giant bras or nursing pads that creep their way up and out of your top. No more nip slips or awkward jet spray let downs in public. No more planning your entire wardrobe around two piece outfits or dresses that can be pulled down easily. Time to hit the shops lady, hooray!