Nursing Covers: The BEST way to secretly breastfeed in public

What is a nursing cover?

A nursing cover is essentially a piece of fabric that covers prevents strangers from eyeballing your jubblies while you breast feed your baby.

Think of a nursing cover as the screens that go around a hospital bed. At a moments notice they can be pulled shut, blocking out the outside world.

Choosing a nursing cover

A nursing cover needs to perform three very basic functions:

  1. Adequately cover your exposed areas

    Not just nipples, but the top and sides of your boobs as well. If you roll your top up the cover should also conceal your exposed back.


    You will likely completely cover your baby with the nursing cover. A cover that doesn’t allow air to circulate it the equivalent of putting your baby in a plastic bag!. A baby falling asleep at your nipple may be a sign that he is not getting enough oxygen through the nursing cover.

  3. Not cause stress when cleaning

    Boobs leak. Babies spit up. You WILL eventually get something yucky on your nursing cover; it’s just a matter of time. Fortunately; if your nursing cover is easy to clean then this will not be a big deal at all.

Even with the perfect nursing cover; you will feel a little awkward and uncomfortable the first few times you breast feed in public. But like riding a bike, driving a car or sex, you get better every time you do it.

Keep at it!

In time your confidence will grow and soon you will be breastfeeding in public without a care in the world; your only focus being your little baby, no matter how many people stare.

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