Pillow once how long?

1. Pillow deformation of elastic stability, excellent breathable, smooth surface, keep the worms cannot survive, suitable for people with allergies, age 3--5 years.

2. Pleasing aroma can achieve the effect of relaxing period of about 1-1.5 years.

3. An animal fiber, fluffy, breathe better, but allergies or sweating does not apply.Down with water cabbage. Regular cycle for the 2-3.

4. From cheap synthetic fibers, but long-term weight easy caking, it is recommended that tanning and disinfection once a month, every three months, or pillow when hardened, can be replaced.

Experts advise that when you buy a pillow, you can also use this method, while note pillow density, high density, less prone to deformation, pillow above his head it is less likely to fall, can provide adequate support for the head, makes the head feel more comfortable.

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