Pillow of three important factors

Elements of a neck support basic styling

Groove design, lower than the surrounding, in addition to modest outside supportfor the head, and soft neck support. Left and right side is thick, can automatically adapt to the side when turning over in her sleep sleeping on your side the height ofthe human body. Each part of the model is able to guarantee you the best sleeping position. Pillow 5 basic model consists of 5 parts (left and middle), proper necksupport. Each part can guarantee you the ideal position. Neck: gentle neck Support Center: lower than around, in order to support the head. Both sides relatively thick, rolled over during sleep sleep can automatically adapt to the human side of reference height.

Elements of two highly suitable for

View from the height of 5 Basic, more than 10 kinds of adjustable height of Pillow choices. Human sleep and standing posture when actually the most comfortable, or sleep when the body needs approximately a 5-degree angle. If you do not sleeppillows, at least not supporting the head! make your neck vertebrae gradually deformed! don't sleep pillow or pillows are too low are not small. The Pillow Book of Qingdao also said that pillows up, even if you sleep or rest for a long time, rest well! this is perhaps you slept longer but old sleepy feel important cause!

Factor III good filler material

Filling material determines the hardness of pillow and efficacy. Now prefer naturalmaterials is more popular, kapok, toadlike incense, buckwheat hulls, cotton, flowers, and so on, good natural therapy materials can also be added to increase the effectiveness of pillows, such as fragrance, lavender, Huang Jing, China, apocynum, Ligustrum, Ginkgo biloba leaf, and so on. You can select from more than 10 different fillers and more than 40 kinds of composite fillings, pillows have different elasticity, softness and natural effects, lets the customer choose the right a. Can also fill material is divided into different pillow soft, hard and neutral pillow three categories, customers select and pillows used soft hard double-sided structure, customerscan choose according to their own liking, soft and hard to quickly fall asleep.

In General, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma need to sleephigh pillow; people with low blood pressure, anemia, you need to get low pillow. The pillow is too high or too low are detrimental to human health. For normal people, and the height of the pillow just how high should you? general understanding is: habit back pillow high school boxing, used fist half taller side sleeping pillow isappropriate.