On pillow-related knowledge

Person's life one-third of time with pillows to keep me company through in her sleep, pillows for people living, working and learning have a crucial impact. Reality life in the due to people for pillow of importance awareness enough, on Pillow of knowledge understand of not deep, led to people in pillow of select Shang exists with many errors, and in using in the exists with many not reasonable of habits, time a long, these bad habits will serious effect to people of life quality and body health, led to has many people of head, and neck, and shoulder, and back and the visceral, many symptoms. From ancient physician Warlock to modern medical experts, and scholars, insight are think sleep by with Pillow is important, and for has many of in-depth research, and has has has quite rich of research results, so into modern life of people very has necessary for one "pillow of revolution", first increased on Pillow of knowledge, second to right of select and using for himself of pillow, such not only can improve himself sleep of quality, guarantee work State, and can makes himself body more health, Make your life better.

For a good summary of the pillow is a must have for support, "three elements ofpillow": 1, support the basic structure of the neck 2, highly suitable for 3, good packing material.