Key essential elements of Pillow

Long-term experience and research has shown that sleep pillows as a tool, its basic role is to "support" or "supporting your head" and a pillow so important evaluation criteria is the first "support", and supports are evaluated depending on the pillow every night, pillow for head support 8 hours of overall performance. The fundamental role of the pillow, under the overall summary, pillow there have to be proper support, this pillow has three basic elements: 1 fabric 2 neck supported the right height of 3 good filler material.

Pillow neck support, one of the three elements of the basic style: Groove design, lower than the surrounding, right and left thick, can automatically adapt to the sidewhen turning over in her sleep sleeping on your side the height of the human body. Each part of the model is able to guarantee you the best sleeping position.

Highly suitable for the second of the three elements of Pillow: Pillow height suitable for better circulation of blood in the neck, and provide enough oxygen for the brain to wake up the brain more sober, more full.

Three good filler material of the three elements of Pillow: determines the hardnessof Pillow fill material and effect. Now prefer natural materials is more popular, likeCeiba, fragrant toadlike, buckwheat shells, such as cotton, good natural therapy materials can also be added to increase the effectiveness of pillows, such as sand, cassia, lavender, vitex, Rob Ma, Ligustrum, Ginkgo biloba leaf, and so on.