How to properly wash towels for tips

First Wen Shuicheng basin and adding a neutral cleaning agent so that it is completely dissolved, then folded towel into basin, trampled by feet several times. In places stained with oil paint washing powder, after rubbing gently to allow water to drip, then wash with warm water. When dry, folded bath towels can be rolled into a tube-shaped, and squeeze to dry up.

In front of the dryer, you want to roll up the towels. Expansion if you want to washout towels loose feel, you can use a fabric softener.

If towels are not clean, or use for a long time, will be towel odor causing bacteria.According to textile expert presentations, personal use towels should be replacedon a regular basis, and should not exceed a maximum of 3 months. If the towel hard, you can add 30 g to 1.5 kg of water soda or appropriate softener and cook for 10 minutes.