How to choose crib bumper

What Are Crib Bumpers Used For?

Some people disagree about whether it's necessary to buy bumpers for your baby's crib. You certainly don't have to buy them when you purchase a crib bedding set, but they do have some advantages. Your personal preferences and needs will also help you determine whether you should purchase bumpers for your baby's bed.

Getting the Right Dimensions for Your Bumpers

The dimensions of your bumpers need to match up to the dimensions of your baby's crib or bassinet While cribs and crib mattresses don't have exact standard sizes, mattresses sold in the US are allowed to be between 27 5/8” and 28 5/8” wide and 51 3/4” and 53” long. The size of your mattress, however, might not be exactly the same size as your crib, so make sure you measure both. One thing to watch out for when buying baby bedding is gaps between the mattress, bumpers, and sides of the crib. If they are too large, your baby could get his or her head, leg, etc. stuck, causing injury.

After you've measured your baby's crib, decide whether you need full protection or just shorter bumpers to protect part of the crib. You can buy bumper sets that just protect the head of the crib, or bumpers that reach across the head of the crib and halfway down each side. These shorter bumpers will also work well in many bassinets and cradles. You can also buy bumpers that cover three sides of the baby's crib, for cribs with one open side which extend directly from the side of the parents' bed.

Many bumpers on the market are made in one piece. You simply fasten these at the corners of the bed. There are also models made of three pieces, a head piece and two side pieces. Be sure to get the right size for these three-piece bumper sets, especially if your baby's crib differs from commonly available dimensions.

The height of the bumper can also play a role in your decision to purchase it. You should be sure the bumper extends down below the height of your crib mattress, so your baby can't slide underneath of it and so that older babies won't be able to unfasten the bands. It must also, however, be tall enough to be effective. Some models are taller in the head area than on the sides.

Crib Bumpers and Safety

When you buy and use crib bumpers in your baby's crib, there are some safety tips you should be aware of. The material can't be so thick that it doesn't allow air circulation; otherwise it might interfere with your baby's breathing if your baby's mouth and nose are lying directly against the bumper. Thicker material also carries a higher danger of causing your baby to overheat in high temperatures. That's why you should choose a synthetic batting or cotton filling instead of foam, since the foam will be less air permeable. The bands that fasten the bumpers onto the bed shouldn't come untied easily, and any decorations, toys, or applique pieces attached to the bumpers shouldn't be removable.

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