Highlights of the modern pillow

Decoration of the United States

Many different types of pillows, if hemming to discriminate, to distinguish it from the side, flounces, wide-brimmed, inside hem, hem and tress, different hemming was able to show a different taste. Pillow is small but can be small, in addition to materials, designs, different hem fancy pillow also has a different placement of and match types, the owner's personality will reveal one or two from the pillows, large and small.

In General, fringed, braids pillow fits in the classical furniture; flounces of vibrant natural for rustic furniture wide-pillow-in villages, modern style; if you want to havea pillow that can apply a variety of styles, then non-conservative hemming in or belong to piped pillow.

Sweet beauty

If one day someone took the pillow in your home, you may feel a sense of loss. Because it gives you not only in the eyes of the ornament. When you are tired, put apillow after lumbar, can relieve back tension to disperse body tired; road much, put a pillow under the legs and gently ease the discomfort in the legs; while watching TV, hold a pillow in her arms, more comfortable and pleasant. Hold you like, reading, chatting, listening to music, drinking coffee, and even sleeping, fleetness of the happiness surrounds you.

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