Children pillow what type

First class: fixed-high pillow

This a type of pillow, General pillow are is fixed of height, but baby with months age of growth appeared, head and body spine development of speed quite fast, such on will makes cervical and spine line not in same line Shang, to baby of growth development caused must of effect, easy caused humpback, similar problem. with Spain benefits card thought of into, has protection children cervical of children pillow industry also increasingly development grow.

Category II: fixed notch type pillow

This a of pillow, general middle has a fixed of concave slot, baby of head sleep in a fixed of concave slot in, General are is publicity can reached stereotypes of effect, this a type of pillow, basically no consider baby individual of head size of differences, because pillow Central has concave in a, with long has, led to baby of head corresponding of behind on has block protruding. Baby a little movement basically removed the original grooves, and filler for soft sponge material, easily crushed grooves edges soft material, is not a stereotyped role.

Category III: different pillows

Market Shang many pillow of Pillow core, used of is silkworm sand, and sponge, and LaTeX, and buckwheat shell, fill real, but pillow core are basically no antibacterial processing, is on baby of sleep and stereotypes are has must of role, but due to baby easy sweating and back milk, situation of produced, dirt real on is easy into pillow core, caused moldy metamorphic, breeding bacteria, if not timely cleanup, pillow on into has bacteria of hotbed. cure bacteria of "stronghold.

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